HOMA ASIA MINES GROUP Co. has started the business of stone materials from 2003. We began the mining and trading coincidently with different kinds of stones including Marble (especially cream marble), Onyx, Travertine, Limestone, Crystal and Granite.

Our mining activity includes Monopoly Production Contracts, Production Planning and introducing new brands. Our trading activity focuses on a wide range of stones, some have already had markets and the rest we developed the market for.

Quite managing experience, expert skills and creative and innovative working atmosphere are always our success keys.

In March 2017 we have started our new mine area (Abadeh Marble). From this area we are producing our new Abadeh Marble. This quarry has two types of stone, one is fossilized and the other type is homogenous. We have exported several shipments to different ports of China and began development of Abadeh quarry to increase the production capacity.

Also we have added some new brands of Marble (Pietra Grey Marble, Silver Marble, Persian Grey Marble, and Cream Marble).

Existing Stone Marketing and Introducing Sew Stones
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